Food Future Bridport

…is for anyone and everyone who celebrates and wants to support local and sustainable food.

Let’s use our buying power to eat our way to good health, protecting the environment and the local economy as we go.

By choosing fresh, locally produced, high welfare, seasonal foods we support small scale, independent businesses, strengthen our local food system and cool the planet with every bite.


“We want a joined up local food economy that produces more fruit & vegetables; supports local livelihoods and increases community wellbeing; promotes greater access to healthy, seasonal food for everyone; encourages and supports new farmers and food enterprises; and in ways that protect and regenerate the natural environment.”

This site aims to:

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Food Future Facts Bridport Dorset

It’s Easy to Shop Locally

It is easy and Affordable to shop locally in Bridport Dorset

It's so easy to shop locally with our new digital map and local food directory! Click on the basket to set off on a fascinating journey around the huge selection of local food in our town.

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