to healthy, sustainable shopping & eating

1. Eat better quality but less meat and dairy

Support and encourage farming that produces meat in ways that benefit the environment, health and animal welfare and provides a fair return for farmers.

5. Choose Fairtrade-certified products

These give a fair deal to producers overseas.

2. Grow your own & buy the rest from a wide range of outlets

Dine on your own fresh produce, and use your £ to support a lively mix of independent local markets, retailers and hospitality businesses who source locally and sustainably.

6. Get the balance right

Learn to cook from scratch and maintain healthy weight; cut down on the sugar, salt and fat in highly processed foods.

3. Buy local, seasonal & environmentally friendly food

Supporting farmers who minimise the energy and chemicals used to produce, transport and store your food keeps you, the soil, water and air healthy.

7. Go zero waste

Reducing food waste and packaging saves energy, effort, resources and money.

4. Select fish from sustainable sources

Enjoy fish and seafood caught in ways that protect our rivers and seas.

Take the foodfuture challenge!

Making one simple change is at the heart of the foodfuture challenge – making one change to what we eat and how we shop. Here are some more ways you can start using your economic power to support the kind of food system you want.

Our Spend a Tenner Locally campaign asks you to do just that: decide to spend money on food you can trust from producers you know. Click on the basket to set off on a fascinating journey around the huge selection of local food in our town.

Localise your signature dish!

Choose one everyday or favourite item to source from one of the listed local producers (hyperlink to directory) and commit to Spend a Tenner Locally on that item, it’s that simple!

Already spending a tenner locally? Then take the next step & become a Make One Change Ambassador!

  • Shop naked – reduce the amount of food you buy that’s smothered in unnecessary packaging and make sure you eat all the food that you buy
  • Go flexitarian – eat less meat and dairy but buy better quality; buy food raised on the land, not in factories
  • Get a friend to make a pledge – talk to friends and family or neighbours about how good local, sustainable food is and why you buy it

Let’s directly invest in our local food economy and help to cool the planet with every bite!

It’s Easy to Shop Locally

It is easy and Affordable to shop locally in Bridport Dorset
It's so easy to shop locally with our new digital map and local food directory! Click on the basket to set off on a fascinating journey around the huge selection of local food in our town.

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