Here comes Kitchen Collective

Here comes Kitchen Collective

Kitchen Collective BridportBridport’s latest sustainable food initiative launches at the end of April and will be a whole new concept in fast food takeaway. Be sure to look out for the distinctive new van on the streets and at festivals across the area this summer.

“Bringing together forward thinking chefs to link the producers of sustainable food with diners hungry for an alternative” – that’s the mission of the new co-operative enterprise putting locally sourced and healthy ingredients onto the takeaway menu in Bridport and around.

Reclaiming a former mobile kitchen, the aim of the new member owned and member run business is to increase access to nutritious and healthy food through innovative events, while continuing to build capacity for local smallholders, providing another outlet for their produce.

Led by Stir to Action, CLS commissioned Jonny Gordon Farleigh to develop a feasibility study for the project which has attracted involvement from a number of progressive chefs including Andy Tyrell from River Cottage, Chris Onions from Trill Farm, Dom Brown of Bearkat Supper Club plus Tia Perella and Rosie Gilchrist, both growers and chefs.

“CLS were keen to support the Kitchen Collective because the mobile kitchen makes the crucial links between all the elements – producers, chefs and regular diners. It makes shorter supply chains and healthier food a reality for the whole community in Bridport, demonstrating just how possible it is to eat sustainably and to eat well,” says food project officer, Linda Hull.

As well as a street food operation, the vehicle will also be a business incubator for new and young entrants to the food trade and available for educational workshops and private parties. To make a booking or find out more, send a message to thetakewayproject@gmail or visit our facebook page.