NuFeast – food, the forgotten medicine?

NuFeast – food, the forgotten medicine?

The concept of “nutritional well-being” is at the centre of NuFEAST, a research project led by Dr Juliet Wiseman at Bournemouth Unviersity. It seeks to explore how sustainable food and eating practices, including growing food at home and in community gardens and allotments, is associated with food knowledge, confidence and skills.

In and around Bridport there is plenty of local food including fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat. Bridport has a thriving high street with markets and cafes selling fresh foods. This makes Bridport different from many towns and cities throughout the UK!

Could YOU be part of the NuFEAST project by joining a discussion on the local food scene and how your food choices affect your health and the health of the planet? 4 day time and evening discussion groups wil be held in different venues in Bridport during the week commencing July 18th.

Nutritional well-being means more than just getting the right amount of nutrients – it includes being happy with the food available, trusting the source of food, knowing how to produce culturally appropriate and healthy meals and feeling confident that food is contributing to personal and family well-being. Plus that eating habits do not compromise the long-term well-being of other people, animals or the environment.

Identifying how and when people experience nutritional well-being and what role growing food at home can have in this will contribute towards future directions in nutrition education and in policy development relating to both public health and local, sustainable agriculture.

What to expect: meet people, chat about food for about 90 minutes over a cup of tea and some delicious local cake! And in return for your valuable time we are offering a Spend a Tenner Locally voucher to spend at participating local food businesses. You must be living in or around Bridport and at least 18 years old to take part.

Please contact: Juliet Wiseman or Linda Hull. Alternatively call 07949 717792 to speak to Juliet if you are can help with this research. See you in July!

The People’s Wishlist for the Future of Food in Bridport!

The People’s Wishlist for the Future of Food in Bridport!

The People of Bridports wishlist Food FutureIt’s official! The people of Bridport have big wishes for the future of food here in our town!

Following conversations with hundreds of residents over the last 3 years, people are calling for a local food system that is good for people, good for animals and good for the planet too. The great news is that businesses and community groups are already working to make these wishes come true.

To find out more come to the Tea Tent and take part in the Talkaoke at this year’s Bridport Food Festival on Saturday 18th June. The Wishlist will be displayed and you will be asked to add your Wishes too!