Food Future Bridport

…is for anyone and everyone who celebrates and wants to support local and sustainable food.

Let’s use our buying power to eat our way to good health, protecting the environment and the local economy as we go.

By choosing fresh, locally produced, high welfare, seasonal foods we support small scale, independent businesses, strengthen our local food system and cool the planet with every bite.

This site aims to:

  • make it easier to find local food
  • profile small and independent businesses growing, selling and serving local food
  • promote community food projects
  • raise awareness about food issues and sustainable ways of eating

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7 guiding principles to healthy, sustainable shopping & eating

Which of these principles do you already eat by? Which one could you pledge to take up today?

1. Eat better quality but less meat and dairy

Support and encourage farming that produces meat in ways that benefit the environment, health and animal welfare and provides a fair return for farmers.

2. Grow your own and buy the rest from a wide range of outlets

Dine on your own fresh produce, and use your £ to support a lively mix of independent local markets, retailers and hospitality businesses who source locally and sustainably.

3. Buy local, seasonal and environmentally friendly food

Supporting farmers who minimise the energy and chemicals used to produce, transport and store your food keeps you, the soil, water and air healthy.

4. Select fish from sustainable sources

Enjoy fish and seafood caught in ways that protect our rivers and seas.

5. Choose Fairtrade-certified products

These give a fair deal to producers overseas.

6. Get the balance right

Learn to cook from scratch and maintain healthy weight; cut down on the sugar, salt and fat in highly processed foods.

7. Go zero waste

Reducing food waste and packaging saves energy, effort, resources and money

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